Here are the forms which were emailed a couple of months ago.  If you need them, simply download them.


Camper Registration Form

Counselor Registration Form

Medical Form

WCC Individual Release Form


No need to worry about your eyesight. The print is indeed metallic gold.

Camp will be here before you know it.

Hopefully, this image will start becoming quite familiar for you Sunday evening.

Since camp last summer, the folks of Woodland Christian Camp have been working hard to raise funds make some improvements to the campgrounds.  Well, their hard work has benefited us quite a bit.  This year, our worship services should be much more comfortable.  The renovations WCC have made on the Junction sanctuary are quite nice.

Pay no attention to the guy through the doorway.

This newly renovated sanctuary now has plastered walls, newly polished floors, a drop ceiling, an installed projector (and projection screen), a closed stairway, and… CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR.  Of course, we won’t be using the heat next week, but the air conditioning certainly will be wonderful.

This past week, my family and I stopped by our campsite to check on things.  Let me tell you: the sanctuary has improved quite a bit.  It really is nice now.  So, whereas last year we had to keep the doors opened and the fans roaring, this year we’ll be able to shut the doors and enjoy the quiet of a downstairs air conditioned sanctuary.

Camp.  Next week.  MORE THAN MACHINE.  Be sure you’re there!

Oh, yeah, and they have a new WCC store.

That's right: you can buy Woodland tee shirts and such.


Chris Williams

Daniel Prince