What Do I Wear?
A discussion about what to wear and not to wear at camp for everyone!

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On the topic of swimsuits:
At camp this year, everyone’s swim time is together. We have an enormous pool and we have several hours we will be allowed to swim. In order for everyone to take advantage of this great swimming situation, we will be having “open swim” daily. You will need a cover up of some sort for your swim attire going to and from the pool area. A towel is not a sufficient cover up. (A tee shirt and shorts would be fine, or a dress style cover up would work.) You’ll also need to wear shoes to and from the pool area.
We expect your swimsuit to be modest. Modesty is hard to describe, but we all know immodesty when we see it. You probably want to play it safe on this topic. Ultimately, for you, Jan Chandler will determine if you are modest or not. (Sorry, but we have to just put it one someone’s shoulders.) A modest one piece or tankini is probably your safest option. If you only have a bikini and do not have the means (or desire) to purchase or borrow another suite, just be prepared to wear your cover up in the pool if your suit is not modest. Believe it or not, your modesty effects the comfort of others at the pool. We want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time. We are really trying to be lenient about this and not set out some fast, hard rule requiring you to wear only a one piece, so don’t push it. We want the lenient approach to work and for you to each develop your own inner modesty police.
You do have to wear an actual swimsuit in order to swim. It will not be acceptable to swim in shorts and a shirt or any other non-swimsuit item! Wearing a shirt to cover your suit is one thing, wearing your clothes in the pool is another. If you want to swim, come prepared!

On the topic of shorts:
Obviously, we need you to keep modesty in mind when packing your shorts, as well. We know it will be hot. You are free to wear shorts. However, please don’t wear shorts that are too short. We do not want to see you underwear coming out the top or the bottom of your shorts. You will be sitting, standing, and playing. Make sure your shorts are modest during all those various activities. Once again, if Jan Chandler thinks your shorts are immodest, you’ll have to change. So, if you choose to pack shorts that are questionable, be sure to pack back ups too! I’d hate for you to have to wear the same thing every day because it is your one modest outfit!

On the topic of pants:
Pants are super modest, right? Well, not always. Make sure you cannot see your undergarments through your pants. Also, make sure your undergarments do not peek out of the top of your pants. We really don’t want you to be that girl. Also, if your pants have holes in them, just make sure they don’t show what they shouldn’t. If it should be covered, make sure it is covered.

On the topic of shoes:
You have to wear them. The camp is going to require quite a bit of hiking, so you may want to skip the 4” heels to avoid a trip to the ER with the camp nurse. You may also want to pack sneakers so you can enjoy playing outdoor games and such. Flip flops are cute, but can be impractical for baseball. If you have those sneakers with wheels in the heels, you may want to skip those all together. Like I said, lots of hiking.

On the topic of skirts:
If you want to wear skirts, that is cool. However, if you are planning on wearing it while playing baseball, please wear some shorts underneath to avoid embarrassing moments. Also, the length of your skirt should be longer than the length of your shorts. Once again, modesty is the key. If you want to do the super, short skirt thing with tights, just make sure you cannot see through your tights.

On the topic of shirts:
We don’t need to see your belly. We don’t need to see you back. So, make sure the bottom hem of your shirt covers both. No tube tops. We just don’t want a Janet Jackson moment at camp. As far as straps on tank tops- no visible undergarments. Spaghetti straps are fine as long as your undergarments are not showing (read: wear a strapless bra or a shirt with a built in bra). We really just want you to be modest. Beware the plunging neckline! Seriously, just use your inner modesty police and pick your cutest, but most modest clothes to wear to camp! If you choose to pack something questionable, please pack a back up shirt! Once again, we are trying the lenient approach, so, don’t blow it.

On the topic of dresses:
Mix what you know about skirts and what your know about shirts and that is where we stand on dresses! If the top of your dress meets all the shirt criteria and the bottom meets all the skirt criteria- then you’re set!

In general:
We do not want to see anyone’s undergarments, if you haven’t picked up on that, yet! In addition to the previously mentioned issues, let’s chat for a second about fabric choices. None of your outer garments should be see through. If you choose to wear tissue weight clothing, please layer! If your outer garment is white, it is generally a very bad idea for your undergarments to be lime green (or black, hot pink, polka dot, etc.). Keep this in mind while packing! Layering can prevent some of these problems. Just be warned, if your undergarments are visible in any way, you will be asked to change! Save us all the trouble and just plan to dress appropriately!
Jan Chandler is the authority on girl’s dress code at camp! If she tells you to change, you will change! She is the dress code queen, and what she says, goes! You can look cute, but you still have to be modest!

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On the topic of swimsuits:
You have to wear one if you want to swim. This year, we have a very large pool that is available for several hours during the day! We really want to take full advantage and let everyone that wants to swim the afternoons away do so. This mean everyone will be swimming together- boys and girls of all ages. Please, oh please, do not wear a speedo. We really don’t want you to be mocked for the rest of your life about it. Also, you cannot swim in regular clothing. You have to wear swim trunks or board shorts. If you want to wear a tee shirt in the pool, you can. You will also have to wear a shirt to and from the pool area and shoes! So, pack accordingly.

On the topic of shoes:
You have to wear them. There will be quite a bit of hiking around the camp, so pack accordingly. Please bring more than just a pair of flip flops. Flip flops are cool and all, but they are not very good for baseball. Also, pack socks. I know, it must be a guy thing, but it will not be very comfortable when you have blisters all over your feet from playing football with no socks on. Be prepared.

On the topic of shorts:
It will be hot. We know. You can totally wear your shorts. We just don’t need to see your undergarments. If your shorts are too big, pack a belt or some suspenders. Also, make sure your shorts aren’t too short. If you choose to wear immodest shorts, Adam Godbold will ask you to change. If you have worn holes in your shorts, just make sure they do not reveal your skin or your undergarments. If they do, have your momma patch them before you come to camp.

On the topic of pants:
We do not want to see your undergarments! If your pants are too big, pack a belt or some suspenders! If you have holes in your pants that are in places that should be covered, make sure you patch the holes. You cannot show off your undergarments through holes in your pants.

On the topic of overalls:
If you wear overalls, and who knows, you might. You do have to wear a shirt. And the same rules that apply to pants, apply to overalls. Don’t make Adam Godbold make you change your overalls. The same goes for rompers. (And if you have a romper, Adam Godbold would like to know where you got one your size!)

On the topic of shirts:
You can wear a tank top if it was made as a tank top. You cannot wear a tee shirt with the sleeves cut out. Save those for changing the oil in your car or de-worming your goats. You cannot wear a button up shirt unbuttoned unless you have a shirt on underneath. We don’t want to see your belly. This also applies to belly shirts. Dress modestly!

In General:
Pack enough clothes for the week. Adam Godbold may very well force you to change and shower if you become the stinky kid. Be aware that you will likely be playing hard and getting sweaty and nasty. Factor that fact into your packing. We do not want to see your undergarments. You will not be allowed anywhere outside of the pool without your shirt on, no matter how in shape you are. (You’d hate to make those guys that are out of shape feel bad.) Adam Godbold is the final authority on boy’s clothing, so if he says change, you have to change. (Unless his wife goes into labor, then he’ll appoint someone else to be king of the dress codes.) Dress modestly. You don’t have to match, but you do have to be modest.

– Lindsey Godbold-